Referrals are still critical in today's web-centric economy, thats why you need a Video Business Card

Supercharge your referral efficiency  

In this media craved digital landscape, a Video Business Card should be as essential as having a physical business card. The Video Business Card is an endless supply for anyone to learn about your company, see who you are and what sets you apart from the competition in a faster and more convenient way. Happy customers leverage their credibility with their testimony about you to their friends, family and associates, which in some cases leads to more business for you, but often times a little more effort is required to convert others and that's the foundation of The Business Video Card. What do you think would happen with your referral base if you had an easy to use marketing tool that your happy customers could conveniently pass along with their glowing recommendation? Business cards get lost and videos get watched all the time, in fact 95% of videos watched on mobile devices are shared while watching videos about a company or their products raises buying intent by 97%. I know this seems like a great idea, so lets get started. Now to get your vide done right, checkout the format below, answer the questions and send in your deposit ($199) and 90% of you video will be done in 2 days!



Format Outline

 A. Introduction

 1) what is the primary function of your business? (1 sentence)

 2) who is your primary target audience? ( be specific)

 3) your role in the company


B. Overview

1) what aspects of your business do you want highlighted? (Be brief)

2)  what is your most popular or common problem you solve for customers?

3) what do you believe separates you from your competition?


C. Special Offer

 A special offer doesn't necessarily have to be a discount, but it must be an incentive to motivate the viewer to act now. Remember, unless you plan to make follow up Video Business Cards, make sure your offer doesn't expire.

D. Strong Call to Action

1) tell the viewer what you want them to do next. Call? Website? Buy now link? Sign up? 

2) consider a generic call to action based on your most popular problem solution identified above


After completing this questionnaire submit your answer with your payment. With this promotion, you have the option to come in for a quick bookend shoot where we get you on camera doing the introduction and call to action on a future date in Anaheim Hills. We encourage you to come in for the shoot, because we will have a social media and SEO expert on hand to set up a social media page for your business at a huge discount and show the potential distribution of your video business card online to further maximize your investment! Get your promo here.

Here's my Video Business Card!