Smartphone screen sizes have doubled...why?

6 Billion hours of online video are viewed monthly and most of it is viewed on a mobile device.

 Do you know which TV you watch the most? The one on your wall or the one in your pocket?  Well, with mobile broadband speeds rivaling home wifi networks and hardline connection speeds, beautiful HD video can be viewed on smartphones and tablets and it's happening more and more everyday. Why should  you care? Video is 3x more effective as a marketing tool than text or printPeople aren't buying phones with bigger screens to read, they're buying bigger screens to watch video and do more tasks usually reserved for desktop computers. In the last 14 days chances are you've watched 1 or more online videos for the following reasons on your mobile device:

•  demonstration videos of your next purchase 

• tutorials to learn a new skill 

• keeping up with your favorite brand's video content 

• a shared video from social media

These patterns have shown to greatly influence buying decisions of consumers and B2B prospects. Whatever is most enjoyable and convenient we do most often, which is why america connects to the internet from a mobile device more than a desktop and over 90% of video viewed on a mobile device is shared. When people watch online video it's an interactive experience with options, they can buy something, subscribe to a newsletter, get directions to visit a local business. These aren't hypotheticals, these are common occurrences and  video is the preferred medium of consumers to consume information. . If you think video could make sense for your marketing needs, then check out my videos and see how they work, then shoot me an email to get started.


Within 3 years most internet traffic will be online video.
— Cisco Systems

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