Selling a Destination not Just a Listing


As a real estate agent, you work hard for your clients to sell their home home in a way the prospective buyers can see themselves living their lives for many years to come. First impressions are important, so my videos showcase each home as a destination, to illuminate all the reasons the current owner bought and additional highlights that many prospects are looking for in a home.

 What are the schools like? Is shopping nearby? Are fun locales nearby? How is the neighborhood? Can I host guests of 10-15? Is the kitchen conducive to what I need? Is there a nice view? Questions like that and more are factored in when designing RE Visuals  for agent listings. If the highlights of your property for sale are illuminated effectively, when prospects come to view the home they will confirmations and more reasons to buy.




Tell The Story of Your Listing

Every Listing has a story beyond the MLS stats and details, buyers are looking for that one place they can call home, so it's important to show them what makes your listing such a wonderful place. When it comes to listing videos the best way to tell a compelling story is to put a voice to your video with trendy upbeat music, great shot composition and a strong call to action!

Building Your Brand While Entertaining Your Audience

Video Is A Far More Effective Tool Combined With Photos

Video is the combination of sight, sound, text and voice, but common listing slideshows are just an arrangement of photos, underutilizing the power of video. Immerse your prospects in an engaging experience that immerses them in all that is great about your property. It's not just entertainment for entertainment's sake, it's a psychological fact that enjoyable video can increase buying intent by 97% and raises brand association by 139% (Unruly). With the rise of sites like Zillow, Trulia and the like, the real estate buying process is no different than most other industries where individuals conduct 70% of the buying process independently. So, by the time prospects finally call, their mind is already mostly made up, so be sure to have engaging online content that will separate you from the crowd. Let's just accept that we live in an internet-centric economy, people search online for everything and buying a home is no different and video is one of the most influential marketing tool available today, just be sure you have a professional creating effective content for you, like Creative Jeremy Gay.


Answer Those FAQs Showcases Your Qualifications and Expertise

 Your Prospects have questions about buying a home and may have had a bad experience in the past or maybe even first time buyers, whatever the case may be, they are searching for answers. What better way to show your skills and expertise than educating them on what they are looking for, don't forget to include a strong call to action to help convert viewers into clients! Videos like this are one of the many examples of effective content to attract more qualified prospects by creative Jeremy Gay.