In the age of smartphones, social media & selfies both, consumers and businesses alike now have an online brand. As a professional, what does your online brand look like? Do you look like another consumer or a professional using professional images to make a good 1st impression? Do you have compelling content that makes it easy for leads and prospects to understand how you provide the solutions they need? 


 We are more socially connected to leads and prospects than any time in history, but you need to impress and utilize the right tools to your advantage. so I'm introducing...The Digital Starter Pack Basics from Creative Jeremy Gay. 


An easy, yet effective bundle that provides you with tools to engage, attract and boost your marketing efforts. Consisting of 2 studio professional headshots, a 90 second broadcast quality intro video with search engine optimization. 


 In today's Internet marketplace, most prospects first impression of you will occur online, so having professional images are essential, but having compelling video content has become a necessity, not just a bonus.


 More businesses today are using video content as their 24/7 sales team, offering a huge return on investment. from fewer non revenue phone calls and higher closing rates by using their video content to educate and develop qualified leads using simple strategies. If you're interested in boosting your marketing efforts, log on to CJG.com and choose the best branding & video marketing package for you and take advantage of our New Year's promo before Feb 15th and save hundreds of dollars on your solution. 


At Creative Jeremy Gay, using analog principals with digital solutions!