70% of adults who use the internet are on 1 or more social media networks in America...so?

150 Million Americans are on social media engaging for over 2 hours a day

Social media is today's super powered word of mouth platform


Social networks are powered by desirable media to be shared by people to others, hence, social media. The reason why social media is important for a business like yours (it really doesn't matter what industry you're in), because social media platforms are places where people share important information, frequently. People find out about what's going on in the world on social media platforms before the news. People are now exposed to relevant advertisements based on their behavior more relevant than what they will find on TV and they can go directly to their website or purchase immediately in some cases. If you have proper content to share on social media, you can attract people to whatever action you desire, from subscribing, calling, visit your location or buying now. The important thing is for them to like your message, know who and what your business is and understand why they should choose you, sound like standard marketing cornerstones? Well, as simple as it sounds many businesses on social media often miss those points. Good stories, important facts and tutorials are great examples of content to share as a business on social media. You have customers, FAQs and aspects of your business that need further explaining that can be the foundation of content that could be seen as very useful, likable and shareable on social media. 


 Social media can be the engine to reach more people than any other outlet, the cost of admission is useful content to attract all those people to your water cooler so you can convert them. To see how Creative Jeremy Gay can help produce endless valuable content to engage prospects and start them down your sales funnel towards conversion, submit your info for a consultation.