Video is the combination of text pictures and sound into one powerful and engaging medium. Telling stories and persuading the viewer in a way that is far more cost efficient and effective than any other marketing tool. Did you know:

  • After 3 days you remember only 10% of text, but 70% of what you watch
  • Enjoyed videos raises buying intent by 97%


 What’s up marketers and entrepreneurs, I’m Jeremy Gay, founder of CJG. Local small businesses hire me to shoot and edit their video content, but my skills and knowledge aren’t limited to only video production. I want to educate you on how effective video can be for any marketing strategy. If you don’t have a strategy I want to show you great options that can be effective, fits your budget with an impressive return on investment.

Regardless of what marketing tools you may use, they must achieve 3 things:

Build your credibility with the viewer. 

Educate by identifying problems and how you provide solutions. 

Have a strong call to action.

Over the next few weeks I want to show how video achieves these 3 goals in a way thats just as engaging and in some cases more effective than a face to face meeting & available 24 hours a day. I also want to answer some important questions like: 

  • What types of videos are used and how they are implemented?
  • What makes for an effective video?
  • How much does it really cost?

And so much more, So subscribe and stay tuned!